Practice Makes Pod-fect

There Is A GapOne of the challenges I’ve run into in generating publicity for my podcast … is the task of generating publicity for my podcast.

I’ve set up this website to help facilitate that task, along with a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.  But generating awareness and driving traffic to any of these outlets is the bigger issue.

Maybe what it boils down to is simple patience.  The more episodes I record and publish, the more diverse the content—hopefully resulting in an array of stories that will eventually resonate with newer listeners.  Their word-of-mouth endorsements are the main channels of advertisement upon which I currently rely.

Another thing I need to focus on is the quality of my podcasts.  While I like to think that they have a decent production value for the equipment that I use, I’m sure there’s room for improvement.  (This is one reason why I’m so proud of the music that I’ve got for it, scored for me by composer Edwin Wendler.)

Maybe I just need to keep trucking along.  The feedback will eventually happen, and I won’t feel that my podcasts are just disappearing into that great, dark void of the Internet.  As NPR host Ira Glass stated, “It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile.”

In the meantime, I’ll keep doing them for me.  They’re pretty fun to produce, and I’m having a blast!

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  1. Kevin Ingalls says:

    Oh Charlie, you shameless self-promoter! I’m going to tell you something you already know: it’s not the size of the club, it’s the swing! Van Gogh never sold a painting, blah, blah, blah. Maybe there some reasons I don’t know about for wanting a larger audience, but other than that, just build a body of work because it’s great, it’s fun, and it needs to be done.
    And speaking of reasons to do things, how big of an audience did your grandmother have? One. You. And look how that turned out! Oh, grandmothers, is there anything they can’t do?
    My suggestion for enhancing the great service that you are providing is to add a post for each chapter (or group of chapters, if that is too much hassle) of a book. I was going to comment about a couple of them (because EVERYBODY cares what I think!), but didn’t feel like the post about Disney’s movie was the place to do that.
    Send me a post card when you are a rich and famous podcaster.

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