Presenting Chapter 10!

A Princess of MarsI have completed editing Chapter 10, “Champion and Chief”, and uploaded it! (iTunes link here).  After seeing the red Martian captive abused repeatedly at the hands of her captors, John Carter comes to her rescue, and asserts himself to the green Tharks in the only way he knows how.

This is the longest chapter I have recorded so far, and there will be more like this in the near future.  This book is proving to be quite the effort!  While I love this old tale, I must confess—I look forward to a return to shorter stories!



  1. Michael Glaser says:

    I started listening to your pod cast after I saw your bio for our Java class. I’ve listened to all of the chapters of Princess of Mars and Two-Handed Engine. I’ve enjoyed both of them and look forward to future chapters of PoM.
    I really enjoy audio books and, IMHO, you are up there with those pros. Keep it up.

    • Charles Logan says:

      Thank you very much! I am planning on recording more this weekend, and feedback like that is quite inspiring to me 😀

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