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Finally, Chapter 9!

A Princess of MarsIt’s been awhile, but I’ve finally completed and uploaded Chapter 9, “I Learn the Language” (iTunes link here).  John Carter strengthens his resolve once he understands that everyone on Mars seems to speak a common language.

I would have recorded this much earlier, but I had attended the three-day PAX expo in Seattle, WA.  The convention halls were quite noisy, and I pretty much fried my ability to read anything in a clear, commanding voice.  So, I took some time to let that heal up and rest.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s John(ny)!

Behind the Scenes

Here’s my first attempt at a video blog.  I take the listener (viewer!) on a trip behind the scenes of a NetherWords production.  If you listen really carefully, you’ll hear me accidentally refer to a bluetooth keyboard as a USB keyboard.  *gasp!*