Behind the Scenes

Here’s my first attempt at a video blog.  I take the listener (viewer!) on a trip behind the scenes of a NetherWords production.  If you listen really carefully, you’ll hear me accidentally refer to a bluetooth keyboard as a USB keyboard.  *gasp!*


  1. Kevin Ingalls says:

    Great video blog. I love the self-aware (or is that self-conscious?) style. It made me laugh. The grandmother backstory was great. Lots of helpful hints about doing a podcast. Yes, now I want to do my own podcasts (but I promise not be any competition!). Keep up the good work.

  2. Charles Logan says:

    Thanks, Kevin! When I think of more things to video blog about, I’ll post some more. I would love to interview Edwin Wendler, who did my podcast music, but since he’s in California and I’m in Seattle, it wouldn’t be a very interesting visual interview. Maybe when I see him in Disneyland in a couple months!

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